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The Watkins Hire KwikDRY 70LHR Dehumidifier offers a light yet robust design, making it the obvious choice for the construction industry and damage recovery companies.

Airflow: 513m3/hr

Refrigerant Dehumidifier Hire

It utilises Advanced Crossflow Technology to maximize energy utilisation and employs built in sensors to monitor real time performance. In addition, the unit can be programmed to operate within specified relative humidity parameters.

KwikDRY 70LHR Specifications

Airflow: 513m3/Hr
Capacity: 58L / 24 Hr (based on 60% RH @26.7°C)
Noise Level: 77dB(A) @ 1m
Running Amps: 8amps@ 110 volt
Plug: 16 amps @ 110 volt
Length / Width / Height / Weight: 510mm / 510mm / 850mm / 49kg
Dry Air Duct: 140mm
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Perfect for:

  • Factories
  • Sports Halls
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Restoration
  • Water Leakage
  • Storage Facilities
  • Food Processing
  • Construction Sites
  • Floor Laying
  • Flood Damage

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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