Specialist Temperature Control Rental Solutions


Whether for a planned shutdown or an emergency outage, Watkins Hire has the expertise and specialist product range to cover all refinery temperature control requirements. Utilising our industry leading range of steam boilers, fluid chillers, heating and hot water boilers, ventilation and dehumidification equipment.

Petrochemical Solutions

  • Research and Testing facilities
  • Refineries
  • Shutdowns
  • Test rig cooling
  • Solvent recovery
  • Compressor Cooling
  • Lubrication Oil Cooling
  • Cooling of brine effluent from desalination separator
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Tank drying

Examples of previous applications include:


Watkins Hire supply the following services to the Petrochemical Industry:

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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