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Watkins Hire provides comfort cooling at well known film and television studio

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Watkins Hire provides comfort cooling at well known film and television studio

When a well known film and television studio moved production to a bigger stage, Watkins Hire was contacted to provide supplementary temporary cooling.

The location was extremely hot with the production lights and audio visual equipment and therefore uncomfortable for the cast and crew.

Following a site survey of the larger filming area, our Specialist Representative confirmed the best course of action to guarantee a comfortable temperature for the cast and crew.

Full air conditioning could not be offered due to space and power restrictions available on site. However, Watkins Hire was able to offer the maximum amount of kW duty in this space which provided the level of comfort cooling needed for the essential areas while being out of view of the cameras.

We delivered and installed a 170kW Chiller complete with 6 x 20kW Air Handling Units out of hours, ensuring scheduled filming was not interrupted.

Watkins Hire KwikCHILL 170 hire unit is capable of cooling fluid down to -12 degrees c and can be easily connected to existing pipework using flexible hoses or in conjunction with our extensive range of Air Handling Units.

The temporary cooling package was a success and the Production Manager was extremely pleased with Watkins Hires expertise and equipment.

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