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Watkins Hire keeps concrete flowing to the largest civil engineering project in the UK

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Watkins Hire keeps concrete flowing to the largest civil engineering project in the UK

Watkins Hire was contacted to provide a heating hire solution to maintain on site batch concrete production during the winter period at the UKs largest civil engineering project. The importance of controlling concrete temperature is critical as the temperature affects the hardened properties of the concrete as well as the potential of thermal cracking.

Watkins Hires specialist representative proposed a heating solution which included a 525kw MBR oil fired boiler.

Watkins Hire's MBR525 boiler hire unit is capable of providing temporary heating and can be easily connected to existing pipe work using flexible hoses or our range of air handling units for a standalone solution.

The boiler package controlled the water temperature supply to the batching plant and allowed a consistent mix of concrete and production throughout the freezing weather. This is ensuring that this project can continue with minimal disruption throughout the cold weather.

If you need to provide heating for your workforce, assistance with speeding up internal construction processes with a drying solution or heating/hot water solutions of any kind, Watkins Hire has the equipment and expertise to assist.

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