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Whatever you need, Speedy can provide it with Watkins Hire as their partner of choice

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Whatever you need, Speedy can provide it with Watkins Hire as their partner of choice

As Speedy's partner of choice for specialist temperature control rental solutions, Watkins Hire understands the importance of its national account clients and maximises the benefits of the partnership by providing additional services and support. A prime example of the strong relationship and support we offer Speedy is through our Watkins Hire Implant based at Speedy Partnered Services in Haydock who can be contacted on 0845 600 3546 option 6 or using phillip.bunford@speedyservices.com.

Watkins Hire is one of the UK's leading specialist temperature control rental service providers.

Our modern range of specialist products includes Steam Boilers, Heating and Hot Water Boilers, Chillers and Heat Pumps, Air Heaters, Indirect Fired Heaters, Air Conditioning, Dehumidification and Air Handling equipment.

As one of the leading temperature control rental solutions providers, Watkins Hire have many years of experience in providing complete rental solutions for critical temperature control requirements across all industry sectors and are the only company with this complete and diverse product offering.

We don't just provide rental equipment but the complete temperature control rental solution from system design through to installation and commissioning.

Our service does not stop there. With our industry-leading GSM Telemetry systems we can monitor fuel usage, manage fuel deliveries and provide fault reporting on boilers and chillers for a total piece of mind solution. This is then backed up by our large national in-house service team who will work around the clock to ensure that your system is fully operational.

For both planned maintenance and emergency requirements, we offer a comprehensive total service including site surveys, advice on product selection, technical advice and full installation and commissioning. All services and products are available 24/7 365 days a year nationwide.

Following on from the recent acquisition, Watkins Hire Ltd. are a trading division of Carrier Rental Systems and linked to SLD Pumps and Toshiba Carrier UK. Combining our strengths has created a major force in the UK temperature control market. As a result of the acquisition, our clients will benefit from broader geographic coverage, an extensive combined rental fleet and expanded service support.

Health and Safety is a working culture within Watkins Hire and our Health and Safety and Environmental practices are reviewed annually. "Successful business is about successful people and strong customer relationships. Our employees and the customers they serve are our most valued assets. Our aim is to achieve a workplace safe from hazards, to ensure our employees are injury free, that the products and services we deliver to our customers are safe, and to have a commitment to and record of protecting the natural environment."

Watkins Hire and Speedy Hire work closely together on sites where a full temperature control package including a power package is required. Please see below for an example of our joint success working as a partnership:

When a hospital required urgent cooling to their wards and theatres they made a call to Watkins Hire Ltd. The hospital's Mechanical and Electrical Estates Officer spoke to one of Watkins Temperature Control Rental Solutions Specialists, who discussed their application, understood the urgency of their requirement and made an appointment for a site survey later that afternoon. The hostpital worked off a geothermal system providing heating from the ground heat source and cooling from the water of the lake on site. However, the system failed due to the on site pipework leaking. Temporary air conditioning was required immediately to all areas of the hospital. Following the prompt free site survey, Watkins Hire arranged for 1 x 750kW Chiller, 1 x 500kW Chiller, 1 x 250kW Chiller and a Speedy Power Package including 2 x 1260kva Generators to be delivered to site. A site-specific method statement and risk assessment was issued to ensure all areas regarding delivery, installation and commissioning were clear and agreed. This allowed the chiller units to be quickly set up alongside the power package to ensure minimal downtime. The temporary cooling solution was a success and the hospital was extremely impressed with Watkins Hire and Speedy Hire's professional and timely service.

Our Promise:

  • Watkins Hire will always offer the best temporary temperature control rental system
  • Premium quality purpose designed rental equipment
  • Providing our clients and end-users with total piece of mind

Our high performance heating and cooling equipment is suitable for every workplace and site.

Whatever you need, Speedy can provide it with Watkins Hire as their partner of choice

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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