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Watkins Hire's remarkable turnaround keeps famous hospital cool

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Watkins Hire's remarkable turnaround keeps famous hospital cool

When a well known Northern Hospital from a popular TV series contacted Watkins Chiller Hire to supply emergency cooling to their hospital wards, our Specialist Representative made arrangements to be on site immediately.

For a hospital the welfare and comfort of its patients is crucial and therefore Watkins Hires urgent assistance was necessary.

The National Health Service is a valued client of Watkins Hires, and they contact us with specialist temperature control requirements due to the peace of mind our service and hire products offer, alongside the reassurance given with our quick response.

The hospitals existing chiller unit had failed and a temporary cooling package was essential. Our temporary cooling proposal was for a KwikCHILL 500 fluid chiller package which is capable of cooling fluid down to -12.

Following our urgent site survey and detailed proposal the hospitals management team decided that the temporary cooling system was essential. The necessary arrangements were made to deliver, install and commission the 500kW Chiller Package that weekend.

The transport and installation was tailored to meet the on-site conditions and it was agreed that Watkins Hire would complete an out of hour's installation to insure that there was minimal disruption to the hospital.

A 150 tonne crane was used to lift the chiller in a straight line onto the roof. The Watkins Hire engineer removed the fixed pipe work and made good the connections to allow us to easily connect the chiller to the existing pipe work. Disruption to the hospital including positioning the chiller unit on the roof and the installation was kept down to less than 3 hours.

Once operational there was a noticeable reduction in the temperature and the wards were no longer reaching distressing temperatures. As a result staff and patients were happy.

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