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Watkins Hire provides restaurant with emergency hot water

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Watkins Hire provides restaurant with emergency hot water

When a restaurant required hot water for basic domestic usage for food preparation and washing up purposes, they called Watkins Hire Ltd to source an economical and simple solution.

The client spoke in depth with one of our temperature control rental solutions specialists and an MBR 3/55 unit was agreed as the optimum temporary hot water solution for the restaurant.

Watkins Hires MBR 3/55, 3kW Hot Water Tank is a self-contained Portable Emergency Hot Water Tank and offered a quick and easy solution to the restaurants need for domestic hot water.

Easily delivered to site, the Portable Emergency Hot Water Tank with its 3kW immersion heater, was readily connected to a domestic mains cold water tap and capable of producing 55 litres of useable hot water at 60 degrees C in around an hour from start up.

The unit includes a 15mm hose for connection onto a mains water/cold water down service tap, short 10mm flexi-tube approx 400mm long which supplies the hot water where required, and a 240 Volt 13 amp plug and lead for connection to the domestic electrical supply.

When required the unit is filled up with cold water. The unit is the plugged into a domestic 240 Volt 13 Amp electrical supply so the in-built thermostatically controlled 3kW type immersion heater heats up the water.

Watkins Hire has the UK's largest range of Heating and Hot Water Boilers available for hire.

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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