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Watkins Hire overcame site restrictions to stop care home closure

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Watkins Hire overcame site restrictions to stop care home closure

A facilities management company contacted Watkins Hire when they were in need of a temporary packaged plant room to provide heating and domestic hot water whilst they completed essential refurbishment to a boiler system at a care home on the South coast. An immediate solution was required to ensure that the care home could remain open and provide a duty of care to its residents.

Watkins Hire supplied a twin boiler package utilising its unique MBR heating boiler to supply full heating services and a high capacity water storage boiler to provide the required amounts of hot water. The boiler application was previously thought to be unachievable due to the access restrictions on site. However, following a comprehensive evaluation during the site survey, Watkins Hire were able to offer a complete solution which enabled the site plant room refurbishment to be completed without closure of the care home.

The 250kW Heating Boiler and 293kW DHW Water Storage boiler were delivered to site via a hi-ab vehicle and positioned in place over a fenced area in the grounds.

The flexible hoses were installed at height to allow complete access through the grounds and into the first floor plant room.

The complete boiler package was supplied for 12 weeks and guaranteed that there were no interruptions to the supply of heating and hot water to the care home whilst the works were completed.

The facilities management company were pleased with the results and will continue to use Watkins Hire on future projects.

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