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Watkins Hire National Accounts Team Benefits Client

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Watkins Hire National Accounts Team Benefits Client

An existing leading multi located FM client who were incumbent on client sites, had very broad equipment requirements but also many commercial issues and service requirements in place to meet their obligations under the client contracts.

This was causing multiple issues with the management of the account, and meeting the requirements of their individual clients.

The account was managed on a local basis and no national approach was in place.

It was identified that there was no defined and uniform pricing strategy and no rebate in place. Commercial value was clearly not being maximised.

Watkins Hire was contacted by their Category Procurement Manager for an initial consultation and presentation about how the Watkins Hire National Accounts team could benefit the client?

After an open tender competition Watkins Hire were awarded the Contract.

The Contract “Rollout” was focused on using the core SLA and identifying the Commercial and Operational requirements for their individual FM contracts, and ensuring pricing and the performance metrics were tailored to suit individual needs.

This ensured a National Agreement with a core set of commercial and operational requirements was tailored to local contract needs.This involved appointing local account managers through our technical regional teams and setting up of “Site” account Numbers all linked to the main account.

The rebate was aligned to ensure that all core business and business from the FM sites was accrued. Watkins Hire accurately report rebate accrual along with a full set of management reports at review meetings.

Each Client SHEQ representative was contacted and met by the Local Account Manager and members of the Watkins SHEQ team to fully understand safety & quality considerations.

The Client now has a category that is working better for him, operationally it is performing very well and the local interface is well placed to support the onsite teams. Local reviews are undertaken and Watkins Hire are preferred supplier for all Temperature and Humidity control rental requirements.

Commercial Reviews are held quarterly with the Category Manager with a focus on adding value to the hire functions through driving contingency planning through our TCEPS process (Temperature Control Emergency Planning Service).

Watkins Hire understand end clients expectations when Heat & Hot Water services are potentially at risk.

Watkins Hire are now in a position where site based reviews are undertaken as well as the National Agreement reviews, through the Category Manager. A perfect example of how a National Agreement better understands and meets individual client expectations.

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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