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Watkins Hire Ltd are proud to support deserving causes and educational resources

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Watkins Hire Ltd are proud to support deserving causes and educational resources

Watkins Hire Ltd are proud to support deserving causes and educational resources.

The London Museum of Water and Steam is housed in the former Kew Bridge Waterworks of the Grand Junction and later the Metropolitan Water Board which is the oldest and most complete clean water pumping station in the world.

The Museum aims to tell the story of London’s water supply and the key industrial milestones from pre-roman times to the present day.

Up to 3000 primary school children visit the museum each year and they have a growing programme of further and higher education.

The museum only employs 1 or 2 members of staff at any one time and is supported by over 200 volunteers.

Whilst preparing boilers to demonstrate the 196 year old Boulton and Watt engine to a school group, one of the volunteers reported they could smell gas.

Upon further investigation it was found that there was a major gas leak and as a result the gas supply to the site was shut down.

The London Museum of Water and Steam approached Watkins Hire Ltd seeking a temporary heating solution so they could remain open.

Temporary heating was essential to not only keep visitors warm but also conserve the historic building.

Damp and cold temperatures even over a short period of time could cause irreparable damage to the historic buildings and objects like the cast iron engines within the building.

Electric Steam Boiler

Our Steam Boiler Specialist recommended a 36kW Electric Steam Boiler.

A skid mounted unit incorporating a blow down vessel, water treatment and chemical dosing.

Boasting zero emissions for indoor use and be easily located in enclosed areas.

The museums budget was limited, however Watkins Hire Ltd were able to offer a discounted hire rate to support the educational resource and deserving cause.

The Watkins Hire Steam Boiler successfully provided heating to the museum until their gas supply was functional.

Edward Fagan, Operations Manager for the museum “The London Museum of Water and Steam is very grateful to Watkins for their support during this time and we look forward to a reinstated gas supply and to getting the heat back on!”.

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Used by M&E, HVAC contractors and end clients alike to provide total cover for both planned and un-planned Heating, Hot Water and process outages.

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