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Watkins Hire helps keep construction project within deadlines

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Watkins Hire helps keep construction project within deadlines

Watkins Hire were recently contacted to provide a temporary heating package for a prestigious site in the city of Chester for the new Iconic Cultural Centre.

A Watkins Hire Heating Specialist proposed a heating solution which included indirect fired oil heaters complete with fuel tanks.

Watkins KwikHEAT SH170 indirect fired oil heater is a highly fuel efficient site heater providing a fast and effective solution to a wide range of applications requiring 100% fume free heating. Due to the integrated 1000 litre bunded fuel tank, heat can be provided instantly. The Watkins SH range of site heaters are the only heaters to fully comply with all EU legislation for fuel storage and transportation.

Watkins KwikHEAT MH65 indirect fired oil heater provides large volumes of 100% fume free dry heated air. It is designed to be used in areas with limited ventilation. Our MH65 can run on either a 110 Volt or 230 Volt single phase power supply.

Watkins Hire offers a wide range of fuel tanks. For this site a 1,000 litre and 3,000 litre fuel tank fitted with our telemetry system was supplied.

Watkins Hire are the UK’s only specialist temperature control rental solutions company to have GSM fuel telemetry fitted to its entire fleet of ADR rated bunded fuel tanks from 1,000 litres. This system measures the fuel levels throughout the length of the hire requirement. The levels are monitored at our head office and contact is made with the site when fuel deliveries are required. Watkins Hire then utilise its fuel suppliers to make the delivery and ensure that the end client has no downtime due to the fuel running out and no unnecessary nuisance breakdown call out charges.

The temporary heater package was used to effectively control the temperature within the building and reduce the humidity to allow the laying of the new wooden floor within the construction sites strict time scale.

If you need to provide Heating for your workforce or assistance with speeding up internal construction processes with a drying solution, Watkins Hire has the equipment and expertise to assist all areas of construction from housing through to large commercial developments.

Construction solutions include;

  • Electric boilers for proving underfloor heating systems and drying screed
  • IDF heaters for internal drying
  • Temporary heating for retail unit extension construction
  • Heating and hot water for school and university construction projects
  • Heating for paint curing on bridge construction
  • Dehumidification for drying internal processes
  • Extraction and ventilation solutions

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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