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Watkins Hire ensures productivity during planned upgrade works at Dairy

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Watkins Hire ensures productivity during planned upgrade works at Dairy

When a leading UK dairy company had a requirement for additional cooling to support their production during planned upgrades, Watkins Hire were called to assist.

As the UK's leading specialist temperature control rental solutions company Watkins Hire were quick to offer the perfect solution. It was essential that Watkins Hire provided the correct level of cooling duty within a restricted area on a fully active production facility to avoid any disruption to production.

Watkins Hire ensured that the appropriate cooling solution was delivered and installed.

There were two separate applications on this production site that required independent installations and different operating parameters. This was achieved by fully understanding the requirements of the site by correctly surveying to establish the optimal route for the flexible hose work and configuration of all the cooling equipment to adhere to the sites strict space restrictions. Watkins Hire utilised its unique KwikBOOST 4EC pump sets which ensured that the required duties and flow rates were achieved and fully controlled.

The hire equipment included a full power package complete with fully bunded fuel tanks that included remote telemetry.

Watkins Hire is the UK's only specialist hire company to have GSM fuel telemetry fitted to its entire fleet of ADR rated bunded fuel tanks. This system measures fuel levels throughout the hire period and ensures that the client has no downtime due to fuel running out.

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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