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Watkins Hire Boiler Package maintains critical service to care home

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Watkins Hire Boiler Package maintains critical service to care home

Watkins Hire are the experts in providing temperature control solutions for all care home requirements. Steam, Heating, Cooling and domestic hot water are all vital services required to prevent possible care home closure.

When a northern care home required temporary heating and hot water, they contacted Watkins Boiler Hire for a solution.

The care home was having their fixed on site boilers replaced and required a temporary boiler plant to heat and supply hot water to the main building and residential flats whilst the old boiler was taken out and replaced by a new fixed system.

During the site survey our specialist representative became aware of access problems with the pathway around the care home. With his expertise and previous experience of similar applications, it was advised that the hoses would need to be lifted up from ground level and on to a scaffold tower to allow full and clear access around the building.

At site survey stage it was decided that the Watkins MBR 250 heating and hot water boiler would be positioned close to the onsite boiler house. This allowed the temporary 250kW Boiler to be connected to the existing flow and return pipe work during the installation. Our experienced engineer created a boiler bypass which ensured that the Watkins Hire boiler package was installed and commissioned without any disruption to the care homes heating and hot water services.

Watkins Hire's 250kW mobile boiler hire unit is capable of providing temporary heating and hot water and can be easily connected to existing pipe work using flexible hoses or our range of air handling units for a standalone solution.

The client was extremely happy with the solution offered and relived that the temporary boiler package allowed the fixed existing boilers to be replaced without any disruptions to the care homes heating or hot water.

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