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Watkins Hire acquires the Robey Boilers spares business

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Watkins Hire acquires the Robey Boilers spares business

Watkins Hire acquires the Robey Boilers spares business.

Watkins Hire Ltd can now offer the following:


  • Spares for Industrial Hot Water Boilers and Steam Boilers
  • Spares for all types of Burners (Oil / Gas) including Gas Boosters
  • Refractory Materials, Insulation, Lagging & Cladding Etc
  • Boiler Annual Stripdown Kits
  • Economisers / Boilers / Blowdown Vessels
  • Boiler Repairs and Re-Tube (fully qualified coded welders)
  • Water Level Control Spares etc
  • Water Gauges & Fittings
  • Boiler Upgrades / Conversions
  • Boiler Fluetube Spirals

Range of Boiler Models that we can offer spares for:

  • AY Boilers
  • AYH Boilers
  • AYT Boilers
  • AYS Boilers
  • AYK Boiler
  • AYX Boilers
  • Sygnette Boilers
  • Ygnette Boilers
  • Lincoln Boilers
  • Coaltherm Boilers
  • Lintherm Boilers
  • European Boiler
  • Euronox Boilers
  • Condensagas Boilers
  • Optimagas Boilers
  • Steam Stone Generators (coil boilers).

For further information on these products and services, please contact paul.harris@watkinshire.co.uk

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