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Watkins Chiller Package ensures patients receive much needed treatment

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Watkins Chiller Package ensures patients receive much needed treatment

When a Southern Hospitals on site chiller unexpectedly failed, Watkins Hire was their first point of call for an urgent temporary cooling system.

The onsite chiller failure resulted in extremely high ambient temperatures which had resulted in operating theatres having to be closed down due to excessive temperatures.

For a hospital the welfare and comfort of its patients is crucial and therefore Watkins Hires essential assistance was necessary.

An urgent site visit was carried out by one of Watkins Southern Temperature Control Specialists to confirm and discuss the temporary cooling solution that could be offered. Leading on from this a 370kW Chiller complete with power package was deployed immediately to site.

Watkins Hire KwikCHILL 370 unit is capable of cooling fluid down to -12 degrees c and can be easily connected to existing pipe work using flexible hoses or in conjunction with our extensive range of Air Handling Units.

The hospital site was very restrictive logistically; however Watkins Engineers were able to run hoses into the second floor plant room by roping them up from the ground floor. The chiller and power package was installed in the loading bay / private ambulance area. The circuit was isolated for the Air Handling Units providing cooling to the theatres to enable a mobile chiller to be installed.

The client was advised on the correct isolation procedure and step stating the Air Handling Units to allow the load to be introduced gradually. This process was successful and enabled all 8 operating theatres to be re-opened within the major trauma wing of the hospital, ensuring there were no further delays with patients much needed treatment.

The National Health Service is a valued client of Watkins Hires, and they contact us with specialist temperature control requirements due to the peace of mind our service and hire products offer, alongside the reassurance given with our quick response.

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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