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Watkins Chiller Hire ensures continued production

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Watkins Chiller Hire ensures continued production

Watkins Chiller Hire ensures continued production

When a southern dairy process plant required urgent temporary cooling to a production hall used to manufacture flavoured milk drinks, they called Watkins Hire for assistance.

One of the onsite cooling coils had failed and a hire chiller package was required on site urgently to ensure production could continue.

Watkins Chiller Hire responded quickly to this urgent call.

Our local Chiller Specialist attended site within 1 hour of the call to conduct a site survey and provide a site specific quotation.

The proposed chiller rental package was delivered, installed and commissioned on site within 24 hours of the initial call.

Watkins Hires temporary cooling solution included a KwikCHILL 50 with 3 x 20kW Air Handling Units and assorted hoses, fittings and power cables.

The 20kW Air Handling Units were connected to the 50kW Chiller unit to provide the level of cooling requested.

Watkins Hire KwikCHILL 50 is a 50kW Fluid Chiller hire unit that is capable of cooling fluid down to -12 degrees and can be easily connected to existing pipe work using flexible hoses or in conjunction with our extensive range of Air Handling Units.

We offer a full range of both Air Handlers and Fan Coils.

Ideal for use in conjunction with our Chillers and Heating Boilers allowing us to provide large volumes of both chilled or heated air to meet all applications.

Once installed and commissioned our temporary chiller package successfully maintained an air temperature of 15 degrees which enabled continued production until the clients own cooling coil was fitted and replaced.

The rapid response and delivery of the 50kW chiller package resulted in minimal downtime in production.

Watkins Hire has a full range of specialised equipment to ensure that your processes run smoothly and productivity is increased.

We are experts in providing complete temperature control solutions for stages of manufacturing process from production through to temperature control storage, warehousing and distribution centres.

Our food and beverage process chiller applications include:

  • Soft drink production
  • Processed and fresh ready meals
  • Yogurt and Milk production
  • Chocolate cooling
  • Biscuit production
  • Sugar manufacturing
  • Seafood processing
  • Fresh crop picking and storage

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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