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Watkins Boiler Package keeps government housing project on schedule

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Watkins Boiler Package keeps government housing project on schedule

During a Housing Associations replacement boiler project, Watkins Hire was called in to provide a domestic hot water solution to a southern housing scheme.

This particular residential building was undergoing a complete refurbishment and its existing plant room had to be removed. A temporary boiler was required to maintain the buildings hot water supply during the refurbishment.

Following a site survey Watkins Hire recommended a 280kW Boiler complete with 3,000 fuel tank, flexible hose work and connections.

The Watkins Boiler Package was installed to maintain the building hot water supply by running their main primary circuit which in turn feed their domestic hot water storage vessels.

This application presented a problem for positioning the boiler unit due to the space restrictions, access for residents and also being next to a public pavement and road. At time of survey our boiler specialist presented an option to overcome the logistical problems and lack of space, thus solving the problem and ensuring a temporary boiler solution could be offered. The temporary boiler was lifted over a fence and positioned onto a sloped bank, levelled and secured.

Once installed the Watkins 280 MBR boiler kept the housing project on schedule and issue free.

This project impressed the client and has resulted in Watkins Hire assisting with temperature control hire requirements on other sites.

Watkins Hire are experts in providing temperature control solutions for all public sector building requirements. Failure of critical plant rooms in hospitals and care homes can result in ward and theatre closures. Steam, Heating, Cooling and domestic hot water are all vital services required to prevent treatment delays and possible closure. In fact, these services are vital for business continuity in all public sector organisations.

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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