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Watkins Boiler Hire heats leading UK University

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Watkins Boiler Hire heats leading UK University

Watkins Hire are experts in providing temperature control solutions for all public sector building requirements.

When a temporary boiler was required to provide heating to a university building during works to replace their existing on site boiler, the Facilities Management Company approached Watkins Hire in search of a solution.

The Building was undergoing major repairs and a fast and efficient heating solution was required while the work was being carried out in the main plant room on site.

Following a detailed site survey completed by a Watkins Hire Representative, it was decided that a MBR100 boiler complete with a 1,000 litre fuel tank and associated hoses and fittings would provide enough heat for the building.

The Watkins Hire 100kW mobile boiler hire unit is capable of providing temporary heating and hot water and can be easily connected to existing pipe work using flexible hoses or our range of AHU's for a standalone solution.

Watkins Hire arranged a very early morning delivery so that access into the campus area was clear of traffic and students.

The boiler package was placed on special wooden sheets on the university lawn to protect damage to the grounds.

Boiler hoses were routed through a vent due to limited access into the basement plant room.

The Watkins Hire Boiler Package maintained continued heating with no down time to the university.

The client was extremely pleased with our service

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