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Steam boiler application for a University in Scotland

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Steam boiler application for a University in Scotland

Watkins Hire has the UK's largest range of Steam Boilers available for hire and has been involved in providing Steam Boilers to a wide range of temporary steam applications for over 150 years.

Due to Watkins Hires expertise in providing temperature control solutions for all public sector building requirements, we were the first point of call for a well known facilities management company when they were involved in a very large, prestige and challenging project.

The facilities management company were leading a project for a University in Scotland where all the underground pipe work throughout the campus required renewing. Temporary boilers were required to heat the various iconic buildings within the University campus, whilst the replacement of the University's 50 year old steam heating with a new combined heat and power district heating system was being carried out.

Watkins Boiler Hire provided numerous trailerised boilers ranging from 2,000 kg/hr to 10,000 kg/hr all complete with fuel tanks.

By connecting our hire steam boilers at various suitable positions it allowed the pipe renewal to be completed without disruption to the campus buildings and the day to day workings of the University.

The steam from the Watkins boilers were fed into the various locations and passed through heat exchangers and used to heat the buildings. The condensate created from the steam was piped back into Watkins integral hot well tanks and re used.

Watkins Hires temporary solution met and achieved the required temperature throughout all 5 University buildings and the project was a success.

The client was especially impressed as we met very tight deadlines under difficult circumstances whilst working with our transport partners to deliver the boiler packages. The boiler hire equipment was delivered out of normal working hours over two weekends allowing the University to continue working with minimal disturbance to the campus.

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