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Our partnership helps you find the right solution to get the job done

Speedy has a huge range of cooling equipment and other hire essentials to get their customers through the summer months. But every so often, their customers come to them for help with something outside their core range, which is when their Partnered Services team steps in.

Watkins Hire, Speedy’s partner for HVAC equipment, can support with all large scale summer cooling equipment enquiries. Detailed below are some of the HVAC products that they can supply Speedy’s customers.

Our partnership helps you find the right solution to get the job done

As Speedy’s partner of choice for specialist temperature control rental solutions, Watkins Hire understands the importance of its national account clients and maximises the benefits of the partnership by providing additional services and support. A prime example of the strong relationship and support we offer Speedy is through our Watkins Hire Implant based at Speedy Partnered Services in Haydock who can be contacted on 0845 600 3546 option 6 or using phillip.bunford@speedyservices.com

Whatever you need, Speedy can provide it with Watkins Hire as their partner of choice.

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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