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Specialist Temperature and Humidity Control

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Specialist Temperature and Humidity Control

A well known steel production company contacted Watkins Hire when they were having issues with controlling heating and humidity levels in a warehouse used to store steel sheets. The production issue was dramatically decreasing the value of the steel and effecting the end users satisfaction of the product.

Watkins Hire completed a free, full and comprehensive site survey and offered a solution that solved the production issue by preventing the rust formation and build up on the steel sheets. The client was satisfied with the proposal and Watkins Hire installed the complete drying and heating package that prevented the steel sheets from perishing due to moisture and heat exposure.

The Watkins Hire heating and humidity controlled package included MH500 IDF Heaters and KwikDRY 2500 desiccant dehumidifiers complete with assorted ducting including re-circ ducting on the heaters for increased fuel efficiency.

A Watkins Hire representative attended site regularly to measure and record the temperature and humidity readings, giving the client peace of mind and allowing production to proceed as planned without the worry of similar issues arising.

The Watkins Hire package ran 24/7 for the duration of the hire and due to its success has resulted in repeat business with this client.

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