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Scottish leisure complex suffers unforeseen boiler breakdown

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Scottish leisure complex suffers unforeseen boiler breakdown

When a leisure complex in Scotland suffered an unforeseen boiler breakdown, Watkins Hire were tasked by a well known M&E Contractor with finding an urgent temporary solution whilst the onsite boiler was repaired. The M&E Contractor had previously used Watkins Hire so were well aware of our excellent service and reputation.

Watkins Hire reacted immediately and a representative was on site within 2 hours of the initial phone call to complete a full and comprehensive site survey and assess the feasibility of a temporary heating and hot water package on the site.

The leisure complex included two large swimming pools that needed to maintain a 30°c water temperature. The client was expecting a busy week due to demand during the school holidays where they were estimating 1,500 visitors per day. The potential loss of revenue to the local council was inconceivable.

A Watkins MBR 1200kW Boiler was delivered and installed by Watkins Hire. The Watkins Boiler Package was supplied complete with steel braided hoses, connectors, power cable and a 6,500 litre fuel tank and was easily connected on to the clients existing pipe work.

Using our unique GSM Fuel Management system Watkins Hire arranged full fuel management for the duration of the hire to ensure that the boiler had adequate fuel to run unattended and therefore providing the customer with total peace of mind.

The leisure centre remained open and the Watkins Hire Boiler Package remained on hire until the onsite boiler was fully functional again.

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