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Production levels increased as Watkins Hire keeps factory space cool

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Production levels increased as Watkins Hire keeps factory space cool

It is always exciting when Watkins Hire Ltd secure an order from a new customer, but especially when the temperature control hire project has previously been completed by one of our competitors.

Temperature control is critical to the food process industry and when a well known UK dairy company required a cooling solution for staff on their factory production line, Watkins Hire Ltd as the UK's leading independent specialist hire temperature control hire company were contacted to assist.

On attending the dairy and conducting a full and comprehensive site survey, our Watkins Hire representative recommended a KwikCHILL 750 package. The busy factory was filled with machinery and working production lines and with ambient gains on the building the increased heat in the enclosed factory space resulted in the temperature reaching uncomfortable levels for the staff to work in.

Utilising the new KwikBOOST 4EC pump station Watkins Hire Ltd connected the KwikCHILL 750 directly onto the customers system, which allowed their existing air handling units to be used as part of the cooling solution. The temporary chiller package provided cold air to the process area and was a success in improving the working conditions for the staff which in turn resulted in production requirements increasing.

The cooling project was faultless and the client was pleased that they could manage the cooling requirements and improve their processes.

The Watkins Hire chiller equipment is set to remain on hire for the duration of the summer.

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