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Let us take the "Sting" out of your Steam Boiler annual inspection

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Let us take the "Sting" out of your Steam Boiler annual inspection

Let us take the "Sting" out of your Steam Boiler annual inspection.

Watkins Annual Steam Protection Service (WASPS) – A new service for 2016 from Watkins Hire.

WASPS has been introduced to assist all clients with steam boiler plant located across multiple sites who find themselves subject to shutdowns when annual inspections are required. In many cases a temporary rental boiler is required to cover these shutdowns to avoid downtime in production.

Following a site survey (One off charge for survey applies but is refunded if a WASPS plan is taken out), a WASPS plans gives the client access to a specified ring fenced boiler package for the duration of the contract period (minimum 12 months) with an agreed number of transport movements and commissioning charges included for one fixed monthly fee to cover all sites. This guarantees availability of a suitable steam boiler package to cover all annual inspection shutdowns so that they can be programmed to take place when production demands are at their lowest points throughout the year. The package would also be available to cover any emergency requirements when not in use on a site.

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