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Internal drying solution speeds up construction

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Internal drying solution speeds up construction

Watkins Hire Ltd has the equipment and expertise to assist all areas of construction from housing through to large commercial developments.

An ongoing client contacted Watkins Hire Ltd for assistance with speeding up their internal construction process. The roof of a building had not been completed over the winter period which had resulted in the interior of the building absorbing a lot of water. The roof was now complete and the windows fitted so a quick and easy drying solution was required.

Watkins Hires Ltd delivered and installed a KwikHEAT SH170 complete with a FuelPAK 3000 and ducting. This indirect fired oil site heater is highly fuel efficient and provided a fast and effective solution. All Watkins Hires heaters fully comply with all EU legislation for fuel storage and transportation.

The hire package was extremely successful and dried the building effortlessly.

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