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Immediate response to emergency breakdown of client's fixed cooling system saves the day

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Immediate response to emergency breakdown of client's fixed cooling system saves the day

When a leading supermarket chains fixed air conditioning unexpectedly failed at their head office, Watkins Hire Ltd were contacted to provide a quick hire solution.

Time was critical as the first Welsh Minister was visiting the site in less than 36 hours. The company required a solution with minimal site disruption and lead time, facilitating both their business process production needs and office comfort cooling.

Within 45 minutes of a Watkins Hire representative taking the initial call the temperature control hire solution had been discussed in detail, a temporary chiller package proposed and agreed and the order placed.

A KwikCHILL 250 chiller package was supplied, installed and commissioned on site, achieving the desired temperatures within 18 hours of the customers fixed air conditioning failing.

Watkins Hire Ltd were very pleased to be involved in this emergency project as it demonstrates their strong ability to respond successfully to emergency temperature control hire requirements.

The customer was impressed by the professionalism and the swift service Watkins Hire provided and assurances have been made that should similar temperature control problems arise in the future then Watkins Hire Ltd will be the first port of call.

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