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Heat supply for local authority housing scheme

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Heat supply for local authority housing scheme

When a local authority's housing scheme was affected by a district heating system boiler replacement, a temporary alternative was required to ensure that the resident heating was uninterrupted.

As experts at designing, delivering and commissioning cost effective temporary heating solutions, Watkins Hire recommended 2 x MBR 1200 gas fired boilers complete with hoses and adaptors.

Watkins Hires 1200kW mobile boiler unit is capable of providing temporary heating and can be easily connected to existing pipe work using flexible hoses or our range of air handling units for a standalone solution.

The Watkins Hire boiler package was on hire for the duration of the district heating system boiler replacement project and provided an effective temporary heating solution. The MBR 1200 boilers pumped into a low loss header where it was then distributed to the residential high rise block of flats and houses using the onsite contractors pump sets.

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