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Food Production Company requires emergency temporary steam system

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Food Production Company requires emergency temporary steam system

When a southern animal food producer suffered a sudden boiler breakdown, an emergency temporary steam alternative was required whilst repairs were arranged and completed.

Food production is reliant on temperatures being maintained as this directly affects production. A temporary steam hire solution was required on site quickly as output was falling below the expected level and therefore loosing the customer money.

With no possible immediate repair available our specialist steam representative worked hard to ensure a temporary steam boiler solution could be offered in a quick response.

A Watkins trailerised steam boiler rated at 3,000kg/hr – 150psi – oil fired complete with 4 lengths of 4" steam hose and adapters was delivered and installed on site immediately.

Our Trailerised Steam Boilers are fitted to trailers with a typical length of 14.6m. An advantage that these boilers offer over Containerised units is boilers under 6000lbs/hr feature integral fuel tanks. The plant rooms are fully self contained and include distribution board, integral lighting, hotwell tank, blowdown vessel, water softeners, and chemical dosing.

Our boilers are prepared for Emergency breakdowns, Planned shut downs for repairs, maintenance or upgrade, Seasonal Capacity requirements to handle peak loads, Boiler Replacement programs.

Watkins temporary trailerised steam boiler kept the site steam going for production. The customer was very pleased with our response; the quick service exceeded their expectations.

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