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Emergency heating for major aircraft manufacturer

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Emergency heating for major aircraft manufacturer

When Watkins Hire received a call from a large Facilities Management company responsible for one of the UK's largest Aircraft Manufacturer's requesting emergency heating to two of the large assembly hangers, our Watkins Representative made arrangements to be on site immediately.

Once on site and after thoroughly evaluating the clients heating requirements it was decided that a Watkins Hire KwikHEAT MH300 heater was the best solution.

Watkins Hire's unique 300kW indirect oil fired heater has exceptional performance and provides 100% fume free heating. Due to the thermostatic controls and a recirculation function the unit can be left unattended and will switch on and off as required to maintain the desired temperature.

To ensure that the client was able to continue providing its services without any further problems, Watkins Hire delivered the 300kW heating package to site the next morning. Due to unplanned power issues on site the engineer was unable to complete the installation and commissioning.

At the clients request we returned out of hours that evening when the power supply on site had been sourced to complete the full installation and commissioning. Watkins Hire has the necessary resources to ensure that requirements on any scale can be handled in emergency situations. Once installed the MH300 package immediately rectified the issues on site.

Having completed work for this customer on previous occasions. As with earlier projects the customer was completely satisfied with the heating solution offered and service provided.

Watkins Hire has a full range of specialist equipment to ensure that your processes run smoothly and productivity is increased. We are experts in providing complete temperature control solutions for all stages of the manufacturing process from production through to temperature controlled storage, warehousing and distribution centres.

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