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Did you know that Watkins Hire has the UK’s largest range of specialist dehumidification rental products?

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Did you know that Watkins Hire has the UK’s largest range of specialist dehumidification rental products?

Did-you know that Watkins Hire has the UK’s largest range of specialist dehumidification rental products?

Watkins Hire Ltd has recently invested in the latest technology available in desiccant dehumidifiers for the temperature control rental market.

Watkins Hire has the largest range of dehumidifiers with specialised units from 300m3/hr to 8000m3/hr. Our hire units have the ability to produce low dew point air (-25 degree c) for specialist applications and drying. We offer remote monitoring of conditions allowing the client to view the temperature and humidity levels of any project via an online portal. Our new units are already proving popular and are in high demand.

Watkins Hire are experts in providing temperature control solutions for all public sector building and site requirements. When an MOD site required temperature control as part of a refurbishment project they made contact with Watkins Hire Ltd.

Following a detailed site survey, Watkins dedicated dehumidification specialist designed a bespoke ventilation and dehumidification system to fit the clients requirements. This tailored solution consisted of a combination of Watkins Hires KwikVENT 1000 units, KwikVENT 8000 units and KwikDRY 8000 units with assorted ducting, mains electrical cabling and a distribution package.

A vessel in Dry Dock on the MOD site was undergoing a major refurbishment. KwikDRY300C Part of the refurbishment work being completed was to repair and re-paint the hull, above and below the water line. Watkins Hire Limited supplied a temporary package of specialist de-humidifiers and ventilation equipment to create and maintain the required conditions for the repainting works to be undertaken.

Watkins Hires de-humidifiers successfully maintained the required relative humidity in the chambers within the hull of the vessel thus allowing the very important paint application to be completed correctly.

The Watkins Hires ventilation system comprised of fans and ducting that were used to remove the paint fume from the vessel and also introduce fresh air to the areas needed for personnel working nearby.

Watkins Hire Ltd have provided specialist assistance with this project from our experienced sales and engineering staff, which has been well received by the client and enabled the client to move away from a previous supplier with confidence. All equipment provided for this project was provided new. The project currently underway on this vessel is expected to be repeated consecutively on two further vessels during 2017.

Watkins Hire offers both refrigerant and desiccant (or chemical absorption) dryers. As such we are able to offer the best solution to meet the drying needs or requirements of our clients. Whether you need to dry out a building through to close control of the relative humidity in power generation and nuclear industry, Watkins Hire have the solution.

Watkins Hire operate throughout the UK and across the rest of the world, providing a range of market leading, specialist temperature control rental products to a variety of clients and industries

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