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Custom plate heat exchanger package

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Custom plate heat exchanger package

Watkins Hire was involved in a project that was originally designed for a temporary boiler package for domestic hot water services. However, due to last minute restrictions put in place on site by the Health and Safety Executive all oil and gas fired temporary boiler packages were banned from use.

Working closely with the client, Watkins Hire's Specialist Representative was able to offer a solution for a custom manufactured plate heat exchanger package to be installed and run for the sites primary heating service from the sites existing plant.

The custom made plate heat exchanger package complete with booster pump set and flexible hose and flange connections once installed was able to duplicate full instantaneous domestic hot water services, this enabled the residents of a private apartment complex to have full hot water on demand for the duration of the essential on site works.

This bespoke solution was completely unique to Watkins Hire and ensured that our client could complete their works both within schedule and budget.

By installing the complete manufactured custom equipment on site with thermostatic controls and full boosted water supply, the Watkins Hire Package exceeded all expectations of delivering hot water on demand.

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