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KwikHEAT MH500

The KwikHEAT MH500 is a highly fuel efficient indirect oil fired site heater providing a fast and effective solution to a wide range of applications requiring 100% fume free heating.

KwikHEAT MH500
Heating: 500kW

500kW Indirect Heater Hire

Due to thermostat controls, the unit can be left to run unattended for long periods of time. The MH500 is the largest indirect oil fired heater available to hire on the market today.

KwikHEAT MH500 Specifications

Nominal Heating Capacity: 266kW / 500kW
Airflow: 28080m3/hr @ 700Pa
Noise Level: 76dB(A) @ 3m
Outlet Duct ∅ / Max Length: 2x 630mm / 180m
Inlet Air: Fresh Air via Louvre, optional air recirculation
Electrics: 415V 3PN & E
Plug: BS4343 63A 5-Pin
Fuel Consumption Part Load / Full Load: 27.6l/h / 53.5l/h
Length / Width / Height / Weight: 4600mm / 1600mm / 2800mm / 2783kg
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Perfect for:

  • Marquees
  • Factories
  • Warehousing
  • Storage Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Supermarkets
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Construction Sites
  • Process Heating
  • Food Processing

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