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MBR 1200 Twin

Watkins Hire's MBR 1200 Twin mobile boiler hire unit is capable of providing temporary heating and can be either connected to existing pipe work using flexible hoses or with AHUs for a standalone option.

MBR 1200 Twin
Heating: 1,200kW

1,200kW Boiler Hire

The unit features 2 x 600kW boilers which can be run together or independently to give a duty and stand by option. Flue dilution is optional on the gas fired unit.

MBR 1200 Twin Specifications

Nominal Heating Capacity: 600kW @ 95°C @ 3bar
Fuel Consumption On Oil @ M.C.R.: 132 litres per hour
Heating Pump Flow Rate: 8.6 litres per second @ 200kpa
Heating Expansion Tank Capacity: 500 litres
1x Boiler operational - Pump - Head pressure & litres/sec: 13.33 litres/sec @ 1.3bar / 6.66 litres/sec @ 3.3 bar
2x Boiler operational: 25.9 litres/sec
Min Gas Supply: 19.1 mbar
Gas Throughput - 1 600kW Boiler: 70m3/hr @ MCR
Gas Throughput - 2x 600kW Boiler: 140m3/hr @ MCR
Gas Inlet: DN60
Water Inlet: 1 Inch BCP
Electrics: 415V 3PN & E 63A
Length / Width / Height / Weight: 12000mm / 2500mm / 2800mm / 9t (Requires a crane by others to off/on load)
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Perfect for:

  • District Heating
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Factories
  • Local & National Government
  • Process Heating
  • Leisure Centres
  • Marquee Heating with AHUs

Features include:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Efficient
  • State of the art, integrated system
  • Easy installation, plug & play
  • Easy, quick release water connections
  • Simple electrical connections
  • Easy to use control system

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