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Trailerised Steam Boiler Hire

Trailerised Steam Boiler Hire

The Challenge

Due to essential boiler maintenance and acid cleaning, a dairy required emergency temporary steam support on an extremely tight deadline to coincide with other contractors on site.

What Did We Do?

Watkins Hire attended the site and liaised with the maintenance and acid cleaning contractors that the client had arranged to service the existing equipment. The Watkins Hire temporary steam boiler was installed and operational to meet the client’s requirements and timescale.

How Did We Do It?

Watkins Hire supplied, installed and commissioned a 7,000kgs/hr@10barg oil-fired trailered steam boiler along with associated flexible steam hoses and an inline steam trap.

Equipment: Trailered Steam Boiler - 7,000kgs/hr@10barg
End User: Commercial Dairy
Application: Maintenance Support
Additional: Flexible Pipework and Fittings


As Watkins Hire had attended at the specified time and liaised with the existing equipment contractors, the temporary steam boiler was deployed and running in time to ensure that the dairy experienced no downtime in production.

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