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Site Process

Site Process

The Challenge

Due to a unforseen breakdown, a major utility company working on strict timescales had the urgent requirement for a 15,000kg/hr steam boiler to operate at 8 barg working pressure.

What Did We Do?

Our experienced Steam Boiler Specialist leading the enquiry worked closely with Watkins Hire’s service and transport department and successfully arranged the quick turnaround of a static boiler to site.

How Did We Do It?

Watkins Steam Engineer worked out of hours to install and commission the boiler on site, liaising with our steam business Development Director over the weekend to fit the tight deadlines which site imposed. Issues arose with the installation which the Watkins Hire engineer solved by successfully reducing the safety valves to 9.2bar, with a pressure gain of 0.3bar over 10 minutes in high fire to allow the working pressure of 8 barg whilst still being safety compliant for site.

Equipment: 1 x Static Steam Boiler
End User: A Major Utility Company
Application: Steam Boiler for Site Process
Additional: Flexible Pipework, Hotwell and Fittings


The static steam boiler was delivered to site and installed and commissioned within 7 days. This resulted in uninterrupted business continuity for the utility company tasked with managing the site.

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