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Site Heating Due to Boiler Failure

Site Heating Due to Boiler Failure

The Challenge

A call was taken via Watkins Hire’s 24/7 Emergency Hotline regarding the urgent need for assistance due to the failure of an existing boiler at a prestigious residential block of 134 apartments in London.

What Did We Do?

Our experienced Boiler Specialist leading the enquiry worked closely with Watkins Hire’s service and transport department and successfully arranged the quick installation of a low temperature hot water heating boiler to site.

How Did We Do It?

Watkins Engineers arranged for a 1,200kW gas fired LTHW heating boiler to be delivered and installed. The 1,200kW boiler was also fitted with Watkins Hire’s unique ‘remote fault diagnosing GSM telemetry system’ providing automatic and instant equipment diagnostics notification, enabling the Watkins Hire engineering service team to quickly and accurately respond if a fault occurs with the installed equipment.

Equipment: 1 x 1,200kW Gas Fired LTHW Heating Boiler
End User: Luxury Apartments in London
Application: LTHW Boiler for Heating
Additional: Flexible Pipework and Fittings


The LTHW boiler was delivered to site and installed and commissioned within two days. This resulted in the reisntatement of heating to all 134 apartments.

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