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Indirect Fired Heater Hire

Indirect Fired Heater Hire

The Challenge

A london-based restaurant required temporary heating for a two-level open area eating and drinking venue. Heating of the public area was required up to a maximum of 18°C for client comfort.

What Did We Do?

Watkins Hire were allocated prime spots adjacent to the building to locate the required equipment. We installed heating equipment large enough to supply adequate heating to the poorly insulated building.

How Did We Do It?

Watkins Hire supplied 2 x SH170 indirect fired heaters along with associated fuel tanks and ducting, one for the lower floor and one to the upper level. The ducting was located inside the building to disperse the heat generated at maximum impact.

Equipment: 2 x SH170 Heaters and Fuel Tanks
End User: Central London Restaurant
Application: Indirect Fired Heaters for Room Heating
Additional: Flexible Pipework and Fittings


Watkins Hire introduced heat into the building. A thermostat was installed in the centre of the venue and was set for 18 degrees. It took roughly an hour for the areas to reach the required temperature and the venue opened that evening.

The project was such a success that the organisers ordered two more heater packages for other venues.

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