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Facilities Management - TCEPS

Facilities Management - TCEPS

The Challenge

An internationally known conference and exhibition centre, hosting some of the world’s top artists and conferences for international business, required that the centre has an emergency plan, along with immediate access to temporary equipment, in case of existing plant failure.

What Did We Do?

A Watkins Hire Temperature Control Emergency Planning Service (TCEPS) plan was initiated. A site visit was carried out by a Chiller & Boiler Specialist, who surveyed the site and photographed key heating and cooling assets to include in the TCEPS documentation.

How Did We Do It?

Watkins Hire ensured all critical plant and ancillaries were identified for ease of equipment deployment and connection. A schedule of remedial works was also implemented for ease of site operation, along with full rams pack, schematics and method statements.

Equipment: 2 x 750kW Chillers, 2 x 3mW MTHW Boilers, 1 x 4 inch Booster Pump, Leads and Hoses
End User: Exhibition & Conference Centre
Application: Facilities Management
Additional: Watkins Hire TCEPS


The conference and exhibition centre is now covered in the case of existing plant failure. Pre-allocated temporary heating and/or cooling equipment can be immediately deployed and connected to the existing system thus keeping the centre fully operational.

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