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The UK's Leading Specialist Temperature Control Rental Solutions Company

Specialist Dehumidification

Specialist Dehumidifier Hire

The UK’s largest range of rental dehumidifiers can be configured to create almost any climate you might require. Whether it is simple straight forward drying of a small area that is needed, or you require exact temperature and humidity levels, our systems can be customised to fit your needs.

  • Industry leading desiccant dehumidifiers ranging from 100m3 to 8000m3 an hour
  • Range of refrigerant dehumidifiers suitable for the drying of small areas or rooms
  • Ability to produce low dew point air (-25°C) for specialist applications
  • Units are manufactured "rental ready" making them adaptable, quick, and easy to install
  • Remote monitoring can be offered allowing real-time climate conditions to be monitored via an online portal
  • Industry specialists that will attend site free of charge, assess your needs, and provide bespoke proposals

Almost all industrial products will at some point have temperature and humidity considerations during their production, storage and shipment. Our sizeable and diverse rental fleet allows us to operate in almost any industrial sector.

Specialist Dehumidifaction covers all industry sectors including:

Our approach is simple: First, we work with you to identify humidity and temperature issues that could be problematic to your site, project, business or process. Second, we propose a rental climate control solution tailored to fit your specific needs. We cover all industry sectors including:

Surface Preparation, Coatings, and Blast Cleaning for tanks and ships
Industrial Manufacturing and Storage
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
Food Production facilities

Watkins Hire supply the following services to the Specialist Dehumidification Industry:


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Specialist Dehumidifier Hire

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