Watkins Hire - The UK's Leading Specialist Temperature Control Rental Solutions Company

The UK's Leading Specialist Temperature Control Rental Solutions Company

About Us

Watkins Hire is the UK's leading specialist temperature control rental solutions provider.

We have a modern and comprehensive rental fleet and are the only company that provides the full range of steam, heating and cooling equipment. If heating and cooling is crucial for running your facilities or operations then Watkins Hire is your natural partner.

Watkins Hire is the leading rental solutions provider to many customer sectors where temperature control is crucial, for example; power stations; petrochemical sites; pharmaceutical manufacturers; food, beverage & dairy producers; MOD sites; airports, ports & distribution centres; hotels, care homes & district heating; schools, hospitals & universities; data centres, supermarkets & large retail & commercial buildings.

Watkins Hire also operates a global Events temperature control rental division which specialises in major sporting, corporate hospitality and fashion events across the world.

Our innovative product range features a number of industry leading and unique specialist rental products:

  • MBR range of boilers A complete plant room in a box. The MBR range of heating and/or hot water boiler rooms incorporate plate heat exchangers, control panels, expansion vessels and pressurisation.
  • DHW high capacity storage boilers Unique to Watkins Hire, these are ideal for applications where instant high volume hot water is required e.g. in hotels, care homes, leisure centres and hospitals.
  • GSM Fuel Telemetry Fitted to our fuel tanks to measure fuel levels. These levels are centrally monitored by Watkins Hire and we contact the site when fuel is required. Watkins Hire can then arrange fuel deliveries to avoid unnecessary fuel starvation breakdown call-out charges.
  • Fault reporting Telemetry Fitted to boiler and chiller units and reporting common faults to the Watkins Hire service department. This enables Watkins Hire to minimise unit downtime.
  • High capacity Indirect Fired Heaters Watkins Hire is the UK’s only specialist temperature control rental solutions company that offer a full range of industry leading indirect fired heaters up to 500kw. These units are ideal for large heating applications such as warehousing, aircraft hangers, storage facilities and supermarkets.

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